Other Fleet Launch Happenings

While the Fleet Launch is certainly the main attraction there are plenty of other things to do in the days both before and after launch day. Restaurants in town will be serving their special menus, the village’s microbrewery will mix up a batch of special spirits for fall. Freshly caught lobster should be available for purchase at both the restaurants and the lobster shops the weekend after the launch.

Certainly there’s also a lot to do at Fundy National Park. The park’s golf course is open for those interested in taking to the links. The Golf Pro Shop is also open. You can also visit the Pointe Wolfe covered bridge. Hike along the cliffs that border the Bay of Fundy. Walk on the bottom of the ocean at low tide. To find out other things available, go to the park’s website at: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/nb/fundy

Visitors can see more of the fantastic scenery surrounding the Bay of Fundy by taking a drive on the newly opened Fundy Trail Parkway that links the eastern end of the parkway to Route 114 at the northern edge of Fundy National Park. People can now drive from the far eastern tip of Fundy National Park at St. Martins all the way to the park and beyond to Moncton without the need to return to Route 1. The parkway from St. Martins to the park has been specially engineered with lookout stops for visitors to take full advantage of the striking cliffs and forests that make up this very special part of New Brunswick. And, it’s opened just in time for peak fall colors so schedule time to take a drive this visit.

Photo from the Polar Plunge

Music on the night of Fleet Launch

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