The deliciousness of lobster

A freshly made lobster roll with mayonnaise, celery, butter, and lemon with a side of chips.

A lobster meal is a wonderful treat and there are many different ways to prepare this crustacean and lobster from Alma is renowned for its freshness and taste.

You’ll be able to visit one of the sumptuous restaurants in the village to get a taste of lobster prepared a number of ways. You can also visit the village’s two lobster shops where you will find fresh lobster as well as other treats to take home.

Lobster also will be available to taste at several special Fleet Launch events. The Fleet Launch hosts will be offering free lobster rolls (as well as world-famous sticky buns) during the early morning hours of Fleet Launch itself. In addition, we’ll be serving seafood chowder at Friday night’s Kitchen Party. And, on noon Saturday, we’ll be mounting a real lobster boil.

During your visit you can also purchase fully cooked lobsters at the shops. If you purchase one of these it’s easy enough to prepare it for dinner. You can eat it cold like the locals, pull out the tender meat and include it in any number of dishes, or easily warm the whole lobster in the oven.

To heat up a whole, cooked lobster, simply wrap it in heavy-duty aluminum foil (adding a few pats of butter if you’d like to keep it moist) then place it on a baking pan belly-side up.  Put the pan into the oven at 350 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then … enjoy!

There are lots of other ways to prepare and serve lobster. Here are 19 recipes from the magazine Bon Appetit for you to savor.


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