The Village of Alma

Welcome to the village at the heart of the Bay of Fundy. It’s the jumping-off point for exploring the magnificent Fundy National Park and the world-renowned ecosystem of the UNESCO-designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve. Alma is also home to one of the most active lobster fleets in the bay, where lobster reach “monster” sizes due to Fundy’s exceptionally cold waters.

If you’re planning to visit during this special day, however, you’ll experience what is the only celebrated Fleet Launch in New Brunswick. Here it’s become an annual tradition to honor the lobster fleet as it sets off for the beginning of fall lobster season.

While you’re here make sure you visit the village’s restaurants, shops, and other businesses. In addition, take the time to visit Fundy National Park right next door. Hike its trails, which take you to a variety of ecosystems from rugged coastline to mystical bogs. Explore the park’s waterfalls or even take a walk across a covered bridge.

We hope you plan to visit Alma for this very special day. It should be made even more special by the fall colors that will be gracing the hills surrounding the village and within the park. In fact, the leaves should be at their peak in mid-October.


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