What to expect at Fleet Launch

Imagine this: The morning sun is getting ready to appear over the hills surrounding the village of Alma. On the dock, enormous lights illuminate scores of men and women scurry to hastily load baited traps and giant multi-colored buoys onto boats that wait hitched to the wharf. Meanwhile the dark waters of the Bay of Fundy slosh against the boats’ sides, warning the fishermen that they’ll soon be receding , making this day’s Fleet Launch impossible.

Meanwhile hundreds of villagers and visitors huddle on shore, watching the goings-on, not wanting to miss a single moment. Some sip coffee or tea provided at the Fleet Launch, others nibble on the breakfast sandwiches that will be sold on the launch.

The atmosphere is both expectant and exciting as the crowd waits for the high tide and opening of lobster season to merge in a pivotal moment. A lone bagpiper is supplying music as the boat crews work. Then the boats are suddenly casting off their mooring lines and motoring into the darkness of the Bay of Fundy and they set off to drop their traps into the cold waters. 

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