What to expect at Fleet Launch

Imagine this …

The moon is glowing softly on the horizon, its light casting a shimmering beam across the dark water of the Bay of Fundy. On the Village of Alma’s dock, enormous lights illuminate scores of men and women hastily loading baited traps and giant multi-colored buoys onto boats that wait hitched to the wharf. The water sloshes against the boats’ sides, warning the fishermen that they’ll soon be receding, making this day’s Fleet Launch impossible.

Meanwhile hundreds of villagers and visitors huddle on shore, watching the goings-on, not wanting to miss a single moment. Some visitors enjoy the free lobster rolls and sticky buns provided for the event while others drink coffee or sip hot chocolate. Next to the wharf, a traditional Celtic band provides a musical background for the frantic activity as the boats ready for launch.

The excitement mounts as the traps are piled high on the boats and crew members climb aboard. Suddenly the band grows quiet and a lone bagpiper steps forward. The wail of the bagpipe pierces the air.

At an imperceptible signal the Lobster Fleet motors into action with crew members casting off mooring lines. Fireworks explode overhead and the boats began motoring into the darkness of the Bay of Fundy.

The Fall Fishing Season has begun! It’s a sight like no other. Come join us. 

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